Libros Recomendados:

1. Dressage In Harmony: From Basic to Grand Prix
    by Walter A. Zettl, Walter Zettl, et all 01 November, 1998

2. The Elements of Dressage: A Guide to Training the Young Horse
    by K.A. von Ziegner, 01 December, 2002

Dressage Essentials by Jane Kidd, 22 January, 1999

4. Dressage for the 21st Century by Paul Belasik, March, 2002

5. Carriage Driving: A Logical Approach Through Dressage Training
    by Heike Bean, Sarah Blanchard, et all July, 1992

6. Lessons with Lendon: 25 Progressive Dressage Lessons Take You from Basic      "Whoa and Go" to Your      First Competition.
     by Lendon Gray, Practical Horseman Magazine, November, 2003

7. Cross-Train Your Horse: Simple Dressage for Every Horse, Every Sport/Book 1
     by Jane Savoie, Lynn Palm Pittion-Rossillon, October, 1998

8. The Simplicity of Dressage
     by Johann Hinnemann, Coby Van Baalen, et all April, 2004

9. Dressage: The art of Classical Riding.
    by Sylvia Loch, 01 May, 2001

10. Jumps, etc.: Jumps, Dressage Arenas and Stable Equipment You Can Build
      by Lisa Campbell, 01 May, 2000

11. Dressage Principles Illuminated
      by Charles De Kunffy, October, 2002

12. The Athletic Development of the Dressage Horse : Manege Patterns
      by Charles de Kunffy, 29 April, 2002

13. Dressage With Kyra: The Kyra Kyrklund Training Method
      by Kyra Kyrklund, Jytte Lemkow, September, 1998

14. More Cross-Training: Build a Better Athlete With Dressage
      by Jane Savoie, Anne Kursinski, October, 1998

15. Dressage Formula by Erik Herbermann, August, 1999

16. Visions of Dressage by Elizabeth Furth, 28 July, 1998

17. An Anatomy of Riding
      by Volker Schusdziarra, Heinrich Schudziarra, et all November, 1985

18. Everyday Training Backyard Dressage
      by Mary Twelveponies, Mark Thiffault, December, 1993

19. Common Sense Dressage
      by Sally O'Connor, Jean L. Schucker, et all June, 1990

20. Training Strategies for the Dressage Rider, Second Edition
      by Charles de Kunffy, Charles de Kunffy, 01 April, 2003
      More books from Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and France sites

21. Feeling Dressage by Ruth Sabine Schaefer, Conrad Schumacher, April, 2003

22. Dressage Questions Answered
       by Charles De Kunffy, Charles Kunffy, January, 1984

23. Enter at A, Laughing: A Tongue-In-Jowl Examination of the Sport
      of Dressage As Seen Through the Satirical Eyes of a Dressage Husband
       by Brian McKeown, June, 2003

24. The Art of Dressage: Basic Principles of Riding and Judging
      by Alois Podhajsky, June, 1976

25. Dressage, suivi de "Le Chevalet de madame de Brandes"
      by Bernard Montorgueil, 15 April, 2003

26. A Dressage Judge's Handbook by Kurt Albrecht, June, 1989

27. The Classical Rider: Being at One With Your Horse
      by Sylvia Loch, June, 1997

28. Taking Up the Reins: A Year in Germany With a Dressage Master
      by Priscilla Endicott, Walter Christensen, et all March, 2000

29. Dressage in Lightness: Speaking the Horse's Language
      by Sylvia Loch, 11 January, 2000

30. The Riding Teacher: A Basic Guide to Correct Methods of Classi Instruction.
       by Alois. Podhajsky,  January, 1973
       More books from Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and France sites

31. Elementary dressage by Harry Disston, 1970

32. Dressage: A Guideline for Riders and Judges
      by Wolfgang M. Niggli, August, 2003

33. Practical Dressage Manual by Bengt Ljunguist, June, 1983

34. Pathfinder Dressage: The Philosophy and Training Techniques of the World's  Top Trainers
       by Penny Hillsdon, September, 2000

35. Dressage Tips and Training Solutions
      by Wolfgang Holzel, Petra Holzel, et all 01 March, 2001

36. The Beginning Dressage Book : Expert Advice on How to Train Your Horse in Dressage without        Expensive Equipment .
       by Kathryn Denby-Wrightson,       Joan Fry, 01 January, 2004

37. Dressage Test Technique by Judy Cammaerts, Carole Vincer, April, 1994

38. How to Ride a Winning Dressage Test: The Judge's Guide to Step-By-Step  Improvement
      by Jonathan R. Burton, Darlene Sordillo, July, 1985

39. Dressage Judges Viewpoint (Allen Photo Guide)
      by Jane Kidd, December, 2001

40. The Essential Paul Belasik: An Omnibus: Riding Towards the Light/Exploring       
     Dressage Technique/the Songs of Horses
     by Paul Belasik, April, 2002

41. Intermediate Dressage: Work at Second and Third Levels
      by R.L.V. Ffrench Blake, November, 1977

42. Dressage Basics Outlined Step by Step by Sandy Jacobsen, May, 1997

43. Down to Earth Dressage: How to Train Your Horse - and Enjoy It!
      by Carl Hester, Bernadette Faurie, May, 1999

44. Classical Horsemanship for Our Time: From Basic Training to the Highest  Levels of Dressage
       by Jean Froissard, Lily Powell, 01 July, 2002

45. Dressage for Beginners by R.L.V. Ffrench Blake, August, 1976

46. Death by Dressage by Carolyn Banks, 04 October, 1993

47. The Competitive Edge II: Moving Up the Levels
      by Max Gahwyler, Patricia Peyman Naegeli, et all December, 1992

48. The U.S. Equestrian Team Book of Riding: The First Quarter-Century
     of the Uset by William Steinkraus, March, 1976

49. Dressage: A Study of the Fine Points of Riding
      by Henry Wynmalen, December, 1981

50. Dressage for the New Age
      by Dominique Barbier, Mary Daniels, October, 1993

51. Dark Horse by Tami Hoag, 27 August, 2002

52. The Lipizzaners: Horsemanship and the Spanish Riding School of Vienna
       by Philippe Dumas, June, 1981

53. Dressage by the Letter: A Guide for the Novice by Moira C. Harris,
      Sharon P. Fibelkorn, August, 1997

54. Dressage from a to X: The Definitive Guide to Riding and Competing
      (New, Revised Edition) by Barbara Burkhardt, April, 2004

55. General System Of Horsemanship by William Cavendish Newcastle,
      William Cavendish, April, 2000

56. The Complete Guide to Dressage by Jennie Loriston-Clarke,
      Jennie Loristen Clarke, February, 1993

57. In the Irons: Show Jumping, Dressage and Eventing in North America
      by Gary J. Benson, Phil Maggitti, December, 1994

58. Advanced Techniques of Dressage: German National Equestrian Federation       
      by German National Equestrian Federation, December, 2000

59. The Competitive Edge: Improving Your Dressage Scores in the Lower Levels       
      by Max Gahwyler, June, 1995

60. Creative Horsemanship by Charles De Kunffy, October, 1984

61. Dressage Masterclass With Dane Rawlins
      by Karen Ryecart, Dane Rawlins, March, 1996

62. Dressage: The Seat, AIDS and Exercises (Pelham Horsemaster Series)
      by Anthony Crossley, Patricia Frost, April, 1989

63. A to Z of Dressage Terms by Leonie Marshall, January, 2000

64. Horses Are Made To Be Horses by Franz Mairinger, 30 October, 1996

65. The Photographic Guide to Schooling Your Horse: A Visual Guide to Training for Dressage Jumping       Western Riding .
      by Lesley Bayley, Bob        Atkins, September, 2003

66. Dressage explained : a horseman's handbook by Carol Green, 1977

67. The White Stallions: The Story of the Dancing Horses of Lipizza
      by Laurel Van Der Linde, April, 1994

68. Riding a Dressage Test by David Trott, December, 2001

69. The Riding Teacher by Alois Podhajsky, December, 1993

70. Dressage Insights: Excerpts from Experts
      by Kathy Connelly, Marietta Whittlesey, November, 1994

71. Dressage for the Young Rider by Pegotty Henriques, May, 1990

72. Practical Dressage by Jane Kidd, September, 1990

73. Novice to Advanced Dressage by Leonie Marshall,
      Lbeonie M. Marshall, December, 1990

74. Training the Horse and Rider: A Book of Dressage by Fritz Stecken,
      April, 1977

75. Progressive School Exercises for Dressage and Jumping by Islay Auty,
      June, 2001

76. Dressage: Begin the Right Way by Lockie Richards, September, 1975

77. Arco the Beginning Dressage Book: A Guide to the Basics for Horse
      and Rider by Kathryn. Denby-Wrightson, June, 1981

78. Advanced Dressage by Anthony Crossley, June, 1995

79. Dressage

80. Expert's Guide to Basic Dressage
     by John Froissard, Jean Froissard, December, 1992

81. Questions on Dressage
      by Leonie Marshall, Lbeonie M. Marshall, December, 1990

82. Ride Smarter! by Coralie Smyth, June, 2003

83. Exploring Dressage Technique: Journeys into the Art of Classical Riding
      by Paul Belasik, August, 1999

84. In One Arena: Top Dressage Experts Share Their Knowledge
      Through the Levels by Sharon Biggs, November, 2001

85. Dressage as Art in Competition by John Winnett, December, 1990

86. Riding a Dressage Test by Martin Diggle, Terry Colgate, December, 1990

87. Fundamentals of Dressage
      by Nicole Bartle, Alfred Knopfhart, December, 1990

88. Misconceptions & Simple Truths in Dressage
     by L. M. Van Schaik, H. L. Van, December, 1990

89. Guide to Dressage by Louise Mills Wilde, Hilda Gurney, December, 1991

90. Dressage Formula

91. Dressage Riding a Guide for the Training of Horse and Rider

92. Dressage Principles Illuminated by Charles de Kunffy, November, 2002

93. Dressage from All Angles by Marshall, August, 1999

94. Mental Attitude to Dressage by Marshall, August, 1999

95. Choosing a Dressage Horse by Leonie M. Marshall, August, 1999

96. Carriage Driving : A Logical Approach Through Dressage Training
      -- Classic Ed by Heike Bean, Sarah Blanchard, 04 October, 2004

97. A Young Person's Guide to Dressage by Jane Kidd, February, 1999

98. Dressage explained by Carol Green, 1974

99. Dressage Priority Points (Howell Equestrian Library)
      by Richard Davison, February, 1996

100. Dressage: An Approach to Competition by Kate Hamilton, April, 1987